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Tis the Season for Music

The hills surrounding Comal ISD are truly alive this season with music. From choir and band performances to orchestra and string classes, students of all ages are showcasing what they’ve learned over the last four months.

Meyer Ranch to add 1,600 homes in rural northwest

The district projects an increase of approximately 5,600 students during the next five years, according to CISD’s fall demographic update. The report states that from September 2017 to August 2018, the district had more than 5,600 home sales, and roughly 26 percent were new homes.

Twenty-four Comal ISD students earn National Merit, National Hispanic Scholar honors

Comal ISD continues to produce some of the nation’s top academic performers.

This school year, the district is proud to announce 24 seniors received National Merit honors. Smithson Valley High School senior Luke Estes was named National Merit Semifinalist, nine more were named National Merit Commended students, and a record-tying 16 Comal ISD students earned distinction in the National Hispanic Recognition program.

The Extraordinary Special Education Department at Canyon Lake High School


(Top Row from left to right: C.J. Schubert, Jason Brooks, Chris San Miguel, Zach Burleson, Chicki Stehle, Donna Dusek)

(Middle Row from left to right: Laura Stocking, Crystal Tillman, April Hernandez, Daniel Lancaster, John Barthels, Jimmy Chamberlin, Samantha Stayer, Agnes Stammler, Mark Martinez)

(Bottom Row from left to right: Jeannie Pate, Marta Cansino, Stasie Moore, Nicole Barnhart, Lynette Slebrch, Kathryn Pannell)


The Griffin Ramp was completed on Saturday, September 29th, 2018 New Braunfels, TX.

There were a total of 9 volunteers, plus 4 CLHS Jr. ROTC volunteers, all of whom persisted through the mid-morning rain downpour to complete this ramp. We always welcome the ROTC volunteers who contribute their time and talents to participate in this worthy effort and help improve their work experience. It was a joy to work alongside them. All the volunteers did a great job, as evidenced by the finished ramp, which will provide the health challenged homeowner a safe way to enter and leave the home. Many thanks to all the volunteers who gave their time on this rainy day.

Unfortunately, the primary beneficiary of this ramp was not present during the build as she was undergoing medical treatment. However, the homeowner expressed his gratitude numerous times and expressed his joy of having a ramp to facilitate his wife's needs in entering and exiting the house safely. He said he was surprised at how professional and how sturdy the ramp was in its construction.

Blessings to All

Keegan Collins - Graduate of CLHS

I knew at 17 years old that I wanted to be a PA. Yesterday it finally happened!! I don’t know where I’m going or what job I’ll be working but I know as a PA I’ll love what I do. I am so proud to be entering into this profession and it wouldn’t have been possible without these people here along with many others.

Homebound Teachers, Unsung Heroes

While their anthem song may be “On the Road Again,” their heart song is probably “Imagine” by John Lennon or “What aWonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. As they travel the backroads, highways and creek beds that make up the Comal Independent School District, they offer a unique perspective on education, students and families.
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